Our aim in the field of litigation and dispute resolution is to enable the client, whether as a plaintiff or a defendant, to achieve results with the best possible outcome in a time and cost effective manner.

In general, the Cypriot judicial system is based on the Anglo-Saxon system and common law. Today, disputes are being resolved by litigation and arbitration and mediation are also applicable for commercial and real estate disputes.

Under the Supreme Court (subsequently acting as the Appellate Court) there are six Civil Courts, five Assize Courts, three Family Courts plus the Family Court of Religious Groups, five Rent Control Tribunals, four Industrial Dispute Tribunals, the Military Court, the Administrative Court and the International Protection Administrative Court. Following the accession of the Republic of Cyprus to the European Union in 2004, the Cypriot Constitution was amended to give relevance to the European Law. 

Our experienced and zealous litigation team, handle cases for both individual and corporate clients, covering a broad spectrum of cases, including the below:

  • Contract disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Corporate and shareholder disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency
  • Intellectual property
  • Family law
  • Employment law
  • Personal injury
  • Building, construction and real estate
  • Criminal Law
  • Administrative Law
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