A European Citizen Registration Certificate, also known as a yellow slip, is applicable to all European Union citizens wishing to reside and work in Cyprus, permanently. Every EU citizen, who are living and working in Cyprus for three or more months, must apply for a Yellow Slip. Importantly, the yellow slip can be obtained as a residence permit even in the case where the EU citizen is not interested in working in Cyprus.

Family members of the EU citizen, even non-EU citizens, can apply as dependents of the EU citizen and obtain the Yellow Slip, which will enable them to be eligible to fully enjoy the same right and benefits as the EU citizen.

Requirements to be fulfilled

To satisfy the criteria required for a successful application for a yellow slip, the applicants must fulfil the following:

  • Have a Tenancy Agreement or a Purchased Property in Cyprus
  • Have Medical Insurance providing coverage in Cyprus
  • Have a stable source of funds, either in Cyprus or abroad

If the applicant is a student, proof of enrolment in a Cyprus university or college is also required.

Living in Cyprus without working in the Republic

Not working in the Republic of Cyprus does not prevent an EU citizen from obtaining a Yellow Slip. However, in case of an individual not being employed on the island, they are required to provide documents from abroad proving steady and sufficient income for covering living expenses in Cyprus.

Rights and Obligations

EU citizens who are holders of a Yellow Slip have the right to enter and leave the island freely. Also, they are able to be engaged in any economic activity, subject to the same conditions as Cyprus citizens.

The Yellow Slip is a permanent residence permit and once issued it does not need to be renewed.

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